The Care Burden Affects Us All: Assessing men’s stake as caregivers in the United States

Care work is in and of itself valuable and important, and it is also a critical part of our economy—it allows for labor participation and economic production—yet is too often underpaid and undervalued in this country. Data show that more than 80% of men believe that unpaid care work at home is as valuable as paid work, valuable to society, and that men and women should share care responsibilities equally.

Parenting Programs to Reduce Violence Against Children and Women

This series of parenting programs briefs was developed by UNICEF, The Prevention Collaborative, and Equimundo to support parenting practitioners to integrate the prevention of violence against children and women and gender equality promotion within parenting programs.

Creating Peace

Engaging young people in peer dialogue, critical thinking, and activism, this program aims to address inequitable gender norms, promote racial justice, and ultimately reduce violence and discrimination in communities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Living Peace Institute: Brief

The Living Peace Institute (LPI) is a Congolese non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental and psychosocial health of people in conflict areas to restore peace and stability. It was born out of research from the International Men and Gender Survey (IMAGES) and grounded in evidence-based research on breaking cycles of violence.

Program P: Program Summary

Program P is a gender-transformative intervention targeting parents (future or current parents of children aged 0-5 years). It is designed to encourage participants and community members to challenge harmful social beliefs and norms around gender power and roles. Program P was created by Equimundo along with Cultura Salud/EME and REDMAS as part of the MenCare campaign.

Core Elements of Gender Transformative Fatherhood Programs to Promote Care Equality and Prevent Violence

Program P (“P” for the words for father in Portuguese, pai, and Spanish, padre) was developed in 2011 specifically to promote men’s positive involvement as fathers in maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) and in caring for their children. Since then, it has been adapted in close to 30 countries by a wide array of partner organizations, ranging from small community-based organizations to large multilateral development organizations and governments, often in partnership with Equimundo.

State of the World’s Fathers 2023

The State of the World’s Fathers 2023 (SOWF 2023) report reveals that thousands of women and men across the world are calling for care to be central to their lives, which can only be addressed by a fundamental overhaul of power structures, policies, and social norms around both paid and unpaid care work.

State of America’s Fathers 2023

The State of America’s Fathers study and report start from the belief that empowering and supporting men to be caregivers is necessary for all of us – for women and gender-diverse individuals and the equality they deserve, for children, for men themselves, and for our country.

State of American Men Cover

State of American Men 2023

The inaugural State of American Men report by Equimundo, “From Crisis and Confusion to Hope,” seeks to understand the realities of men in 2023.

Generations for Change

The Generations for Change curriculum engages with both parents and their young adolescents to reduce intergenerational violence and foster healthy, caring, and supportive relationships between parents and

The State of UK Boys

From education and achievement to mental health and well-being to violence and aggression, the ‘state

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