The Living Peace Institute (LPI) is a Congolese non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental and psychosocial health of people in conflict areas to restore peace and stability. Born out of research from the International Men and Gender Survey (IMAGES) and grounded in evidence-based research on breaking cycles of violence, LPI uses a trauma-focused, therapeutic model aiming to prevent men’s violence against women and support men’s non-violent coping strategies in dealing with distress and trauma caused by the ongoing conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). LPI works with men and boys, in addition to women and girls, to conduct research, provide education and training, and implement psychosocial support groups in Congo and other countries ravaged by conflict and war in Africa and the Middle East with the goal of restoring peace and stability.

This brief provides an overview of the Living Peace Institute and the short film created by LPI called Men Beyond War. Watch a preview of the film here.



Living Peace Institute: Brief

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