Program P is a gender-transformative intervention targeting parents (future or current parents of children aged 0-5 years). It is designed to encourage participants and community members to challenge harmful social beliefs and norms around gender power and roles. These norms include notions of male authority and female subordination and obedience as these factors are strongly linked to the level of familial violence. Program P was created by Equimundo along with Cultura Salud/EME and REDMAS as part of the MenCare campaign. The program was built upon evidence that shows that co-responsible fatherhood can promote gender-equitable relations and the sharing of caregiving among female and male caregivers, enhance the quality of family relationships, health and well-being, and prevent violence against women and children.

This document provides an overview of the program including a description of Program P, countries where it’s been adapted and implemented, themes of focus, approaches and methodologies, and more.

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Program P: Program Summary

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