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Many Ways of Being (All genders, 15-19)

Many Ways of Being is a sex education curriculum focused on gender equity, healthy relationships, & safer sex practices. This inclusive, youth-centered program can be implemented in schools and community centers with youth of all genders ages 15-19.

Program P

Program P provides concrete strategies and activities, based on evidence and a decade of adaptations in different settings, to engage men with their female partners in caring, equitable and non-violent fatherhood from their partner’s pregnancies through their children’s early years.

Intergenerational Parenting Programs

Integrate evidence-based parenting and adolescent-focused curricula to engage fathers and their partners, together with their children to build equitable, respectful, and nurturing family environments.

Very Young Adolescence 2.0 (Boys & Girls, 10-14)

In this 12-session evidence-based group education curriculum, boys and girls collectively (1) Reimagine gender norms to promote girls’ agency and boys’ care and connection; (2) Understand and appreciate body changes in body-positive ways; and (3) Recognize unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Boyhood 2.0 (Boys 9-11)

An evidence-based, gender-transformative curriculum designed for implementation in groups of boys (including girls as appropriate). Facilitated by teachers, coaches, or mentors, the curriculum engages boys in conversations and activities on topics like identity, empathy, healthy lifestyles, consent, friendship, and safety.

Manhood 2.0

Manhood 2.0 is a gender-transformative initiative to engage adolescent boys and young men in reflecting on the impacts of harmful gender norms in the United States.

Program M

Designed for young women, Program M focuses on equitable gender roles, empowerment in interpersonal relationships, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Program H

Designed for young men, Program H encourages critical reflection about rigid norms related to manhood and encourages transformation of stereotypical roles associated with gender.

Program D

Designed for use with Program H and Program M, Program D combats homophobia and promotes diversity.

Living Peace

Assisting participants in healing from their experiences of trauma by restoring social and partner relationships, and strengthening positive coping strategies that exclude all forms of violence.

Journeys of Transformation

Emerging from the vision that although women’s economic empowerment programming has powerful benefits on its own, it can be made even more effective when men are deliberately engaged as allies and support women’s autonomy, decision-making and economic participation.

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