Designed for use with Program H and Program M, Program D combats homophobia and promotes diversity.


Program D was developed based on evaluations of the Program H and M manuals, which demonstrated effectiveness in transforming harmful norms around gender and sexuality among young men and women, and highlighted sexual diversity as an area for further programming.


The Program D toolkit promotes respect for sexual diversity by inviting youth to reflect on questions, and potential fears and prejudices, related to homosexuality. The primary education tool – an animated, no-words short film – is readily applicable to various cultural contexts; it may be used as part of group education in schools and is generally combined with youth-led activism to end homophobia and promote respect for diversity and sexual rights.


Program D (D for diversity) promotes respect for sexual diversity and challenges homophobia by promoting critical reflections on gender stereotypes and sexual behaviors among both young men and women. The interactive curriculum contains 19 activities, developed by Salud y Género in partnership with Equimundo, ECOS, Instituto Papai and World Education. This curriculum was designed as a complement to Programs H and M, and the approaches and key activities from all three programs are integrated into the Program HMD Toolkit.

Program D uses interactive activities and group education to promote critical discussions about gender socialization and the construction of sexuality, as well as to expand the vision of young people around caring for their sexual and mental health. This program is intended for use by adolescents, as well as by youth, education, and health professionals.

A no-words short film called Afraid of What?, which presents the story of a teenager named Marcelo, can be used as a companion to Program D activities, along with an associated video guide. The video and guide, developed by Equimundo and partners, are particularly targeted at young people, inviting them to reflect upon fears and prejudices related to homosexuality and to pursue a more just and inclusive society. They are also aimed at teachers and health professionals who work with youth. The cartoon’s absence of dialogue and its consciousness-raising approach to the subject matter make the video accessible to various cultural contexts.

The full Program D manual is available in Spanish here.

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  • Program M: Designed for young women, Program M focuses on equitable gender roles, empowerment in interpersonal relationships, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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