Promoting women’s economic empowerment by engaging men as allies in transforming harmful gender attitudes and behaviors.


The impact of cash transfer and microcredit programs, including village savings and loan programs, can be amplified with the integration of gender-transformative programming that engages male partners of female beneficiaries of economic empowerment programs to encourage men and boys to take on a greater share of unpaid domestic and care work and support women’s decision-making and economic participation.

The Journeys of Transformation curriculum was first created and piloted with RWAMREC and CARE Rwanda in 2011-12. The curriculum offers 17 group education activities, focusing on strengthening women and their male partner’s business and negotiation skills, promoting more equitable couples’ decision-making processes, individual health, and well-being, as well as raising awareness about existing national laws and policies related to gender-based violence. The program also stimulates community discussions to promote shifts in restrictive gender norms preventing women from engaging in economic activities and leadership roles within their communities. Read more about the Journeys of Transformation methodology and implementation here.

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