Apart from what it means in their own lives, men’s exposure to violence, trauma and adversity are key risk factors for men’s self-inflicted harm and their use of violence against others. Equimundo’s new report, Making the Connections: Masculinities and Male Trauma, highlights the role masculinities play in boys and men’s ability to cope with their impact. The report also details the effects rigid masculine norms have on informal and formal support systems for mental health and well-being among boys and men, with implications for women, girls, and all of us. Through its Making the Connections series, Equimundo examines how gender norms, power dynamics, and attitudes around manhood influence boys and men with implications for the well-being of all. This latest in the series looks at the gendered components of trauma in the lives of men and boys.



Masculinities and Male Trauma: Making the Connections

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