Program H

Boyhood 2.0 (Boys 9-11)

An evidence-based, gender-transformative curriculum designed for implementation in groups of boys (including girls as appropriate). Facilitated by teachers, coaches, or mentors, the curriculum engages boys in conversations and activities on topics like identity, empathy, healthy lifestyles, consent, friendship, and safety.

Program H: A Review of the Evidence

This review on Program H – a gender-transformative approach designed to engage young men in changing gender norms related to masculinities that perpetuate gender inequality – brings

Programme Ra cover

Programme Ra

Programme Ra – named after Rajol, the word for man in Arabic – is the first adaptation of Equimundo’s Program H in the Middle East. Programme Ra was

Program Ra launch

Programme Ra for Young Men Launches in Lebanon

On July 14, 2016, Lebanese NGO ABAAD–Resource Center for Gender Equality and Equimundo launched Programme Ra in Beirut with support from the first-ever Womanity Award. The program encourages

Program H

Designed for young men, Program H encourages critical reflection about rigid norms related to manhood and encourages transformation of stereotypical roles associated with gender.

Program HMD: A Toolkit for Action

This toolkit presents the short version of the approach contained in Programs H and M. It seeks to make the model accessible so that an increasing number

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