Teens and Young Adults (Age 13-25)

Equimundo creates programs to work with boys, young men, and youth of all gender identities to promote diverse, gender-equitable, and healthy masculinities.

Many Ways of Being (All genders, 15-19)

This program is a sex education curriculum focused on gender equity, healthy relationships, & safer sex practices. This inclusive, youth-centered program can be implemented in schools and community centers with youth of all genders ages 15-19.

Very Young Adolescence 2.0 (Boys & Girls, 10-14)

In this 12-session evidence-based group education curriculum, boys and girls collectively (1) Reimagine gender norms to promote girls’ agency and boys’ care and connection; (2) Understand and appreciate body changes in body-positive ways; and (3) Recognize unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Manhood 2.0

Manhood 2.0 is a gender-transformative initiative to engage adolescent boys and young men in reflecting on the impacts of harmful gender norms in the United States.

Program M

Designed for young women, Program M focuses on equitable gender roles, empowerment in interpersonal relationships, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Program H

Designed for young men, Program H encourages critical reflection about rigid norms related to manhood and encourages transformation of stereotypical roles associated with gender.

Program D

Designed for use with Program H and Program M, Program D combats homophobia and promotes diversity.

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