Democratic Republic of the Congo

Youth Living Peace: Scaling up Support for Adolescents in School

“I have confidence in myself now,” shares a female participant in the Youth Living Peace program in Democratic Republic of the Congo; “I have seen that girls can do a lot of things. Having the facilitators and talking with others girls helped me to choose my goals, to choose my friends better- those who will be good influence for me and my future.”

Living Peace in Democratic Republic of the Congo

This report presents the findings of a qualitative, time-series evaluation that assessed the impact on intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention of a pilot intervention program called Living

Living Peace: EMERGE Story of Change

This story of change pulls out the main findings and recommendations from Living Peace: EMERGE Case Study, which focuses on the work of Living Peace in DRC. This

Living Peace: EMERGE Case Study

Conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has caused millions of people to lose their lives, suffer displacement or become the victims or perpetrators of violence.

Can Success in DRC be Replicated? Commonalities Across Conflict

Although state-based conflicts have declined globally over the past 20 years, approximately 1.5 billion people continue to live in areas that are fragile, in conflict, or subject to large-scale organized violence. For communities in DRC, Living Peace has been well received and successfully scaled up. The program’s positive results lead to the question: What are the lessons learned that can be replicated and adapted in other post-conflict settings around the world?

Living Peace: Healing After Conflict in DRC

Living Peace: Healing After Conflict in DRC

Living Peace is reaching thousands of men and women, including military, police, health workers, and religious leaders, to prevent violence and create sustainable peace in North and

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