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The Living Peace Institute, Equimundo’s affiliate in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is committed to working toward post-conflict peace and equality with vulnerable populations, including those youth, women and men affected by war.

Equimundo and its partners established the Living Peace initiative to end cycles of violence by engaging men as partners in its prevention. Therapeutic group sessions assist men who have been exposed to various forms of violence to develop constructive, gender-equitable, and nonviolent behaviors and engage their partners as well to help men and women cope with and heal from their trauma together.

Men’s positive changes, combined with the restoration of peaceful couple and family relationships, contribute to the promotion of peace and equality in the community.

The Living Peace posters below depict Living Peace participants from the Katindo Army camps in Goma, DRC. Their stories of change have inspired them to become ambassadors of peace in the community.

Living Peace Institute DRC - Poster 2 - Equimundo

Living Peace Institute DRC - Poster 1 - Equimundo

Living Peace Institute DRC - Poster 3 - Equimundo

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