The State of Fatherhood in Brazil 2019: Time for Action is the second report of its kind in the country, which is part of the State of the World’s Fathers initiative, conducted as part of the MenCare Global Fatherhood Campaign. The second Brazilian report is intended to update the first report on the State of Fatherhood in Brazil and includes excerpts from the global State of the World’s Fathers: Time for Action report, produced by Equimundo (Formerly Promundo-US), Sonke Gender Justice, Save the Children, and the MenEngage Alliance, and released in 2017.

This report also incorporates the results of Brazil’s pioneering research, Helping Dads Care, produced in conjunction with Unilever’s Dove Men+ Care, to understand why some parents choose not to take paternity leave and because so many fail to get as involved in raising their sons and daughters as they would like.

This report draws attention to what effectively needs to be done so that more and more men, parents, and institutions engage in the discussion and practice building healthy parenting.



The State of Fatherhood in Brazil 2019: Time for Action

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