This groundbreaking study examines masculinity and representations of different identities (gender, race, LGBTQIA+ individuals, disability, age, and body size) in the most popular video games and in the TWITCH online gaming community. The Oak Foundation has partnered with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Equimundo to examine representations of the aforementioned identities and masculinity in video games and gaming communities. Given pressing global concerns about the societal impacts of toxic masculinity and the ever-growing popularity of video gaming around the globe, alongside the COVID-19 pandemic that facilitated greater interest and participation in gaming, this work is more important than ever. This study contributes to the Global Boyhood Initiative coordinated by Equimundo, a new international effort to promote and support healthy boyhood.



The Double-Edged Sword of Online Gaming: An Analysis of Masculinity in Video Games and the Gaming Community

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