Since 1981, November 25 is the International Day to End Violence Against Women. The date was set during the first feminist movement in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Bogota, Colombia, and is a tribute to three female political activists, brutally assassinated by the Leonidas Trujillo dictatorship, in the Dominican Republic¹. The date reminds us of steps already taken towards gender equity, yet tells us there is still a long way to achieve full equality between women and men.

Equimundo has been developing programs, research, national and international campaigns, advocacy and public policies to promote positive femininities and masculinities. It is the organization’s mission to promote gender equality and to end violence against women, men and children.

Instituto Equimundo has chosen November 25 as a symbolic date to share with its partners and activists, academics, civil society, governments and NGOs, the newsletter titled Notícias Equimundo (Equimundo’s Newsletter).

In the first edition of Notícias Equimundo (Equimundo’s Newsletter), we interview Michael Kaufman, co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign and one of the world’s leading experts on masculinity. In the interview, Mr. Kaufman talks about the social codes that legitimize men’s violent attitudes, and he emphasizes the importance of involving men in ending violence. We present, the MenCare-Global Fatherhood Campaign,, developed by Instituto Equimundo and Sonke Gender Justice Network, and coordinated by the MenEngage Alliance. The campaign was recently launched in Washington, DC, USA. In addition, the newsletter includes an article by Gary Barker, Equimundo’s International Director. He speaks about the negative impact of unequal division of house work and caring of children between men and women, and presents the benefits of being involved in caregiving.

We wish you a pleasurable reading!

¹Source: Secretaria de Políticas para as Mulheres



Equimundo News – 1st Edition

PDF Preview


Equimundo News – 1st Edition

PDF Preview
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