Refugee women and children face specific risks and their needs are, quite rightly, highlighted and addressed by the humanitarian community. The situation and specific needs of single male refugees is often less understood; this report aims to address this information gap. With a focus on the situation in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Greece, it provides a better understanding of the gendered impact of the refugee crisis on unaccompanied adolescent boys, aged 13 to 17, and men, single or living separately from their families; and to highlight actual and potential gaps in the humanitarian response. In exploring the situation, vulnerability and needs of unaccompanied male refugees, the report recognizes the inter-connections and relations between different groups in crisis situations and crisis-affected communities.

The report provides insights on young men and boy refugees, research that is complemented by Equimundo’s International Men and Gender Equality Survey – Middle East and North Africa, which is accessible online here.

This report was researched and authored by Delphine Brun, a consultant on gender and inclusion in humanitarian action, overseen by CARE, and co-published with Equimundo.



Men and Boys in Displacement

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