This study released by UC San Diego’s Center for Gender Equity and Health (GEH) and the nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment (SSH), with inputs from Equimundo and other partners, presents data confirming that sexual harassment and assault are widespread problems in the United States – causing pain, limiting people’s lives, and negatively affecting communities and society. Study results show that most women and many men have experienced one or more forms of harassment and assault, while a comparably smaller proportion tells us that they’ve ever committed these acts. The findings add to the large evidence base demonstrating that nearly all instances where someone is accused of sexual harassment are based in fact, and most respondents believe those who make high-profile accusations. This report presents the findings of a nationally representative survey of 1,182 women and 1,037 men, ages 18 and up, conducted online in February and March of 2019. 

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The executive summary is available online here.
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Measuring #MeToo: A National Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault

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