State of the World’s Fathers 2023

The State of the World’s Fathers 2023 (SOWF 2023) report reveals that thousands of women and men across the world are calling for care to be central to their lives, which can only be addressed by a fundamental overhaul of power structures, policies, and social norms around both paid and unpaid care work.

Program D Manual

Program D was developed based on evaluations of the Program H and M manuals, which demonstrated effectiveness in transforming harmful norms around gender and sexuality among young

The Man Box

The Man Box report, launched by Equimundo and Axe, is a new study on young men’s attitudes, behaviors, and understandings of manhood. The research was conducted with

State of the World’s Fathers 2015

Launched in June 2015 in 10 cities around the world, the first State of the World’s Fathers (SOWF) report serves as a landmark analysis of fatherhood and caregiving, drawing

Program P: A Manual for Engaging Men in Fatherhood, Caregiving, and Maternal and Child Health

Program P (“P” for “padre” in Spanish and “pai” in Portuguese, meaning “father”) provides concrete strategies for engaging men in active caregiving from their partner’s pregnancy through their child’s early years. It identifies best practices on engaging men in maternal and child health, caregiving, and preventing violence against women and children.

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012

2012 was marked by the expansion of Equimundo’s activities to new contexts and by our growing specialization in the methodologies and research that we have worked on

Program HMD: A Toolkit for Action

This toolkit presents the short version of the approach contained in Programs H and M. It seeks to make the model accessible so that an increasing number

MenCare Nicaragua Film

MenCare Nicaragua Film

Carlos’ Story was originally part of a project entitled “Life Stories of Young Men in Managua” by the Nicaraguan NGO Puntos de Encuentro that aimed to increase

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