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Welcome to “Equimundo in the Press,” a monthly recap of media that mention Equimundo or MenCare, the global fatherhood campaign that Equimundo co-coordinates. We know that in order to create a truly equal, nonviolent world in which men and boys are allies in the fight for gender justice, we need to spread the word. Here are the top 10 featured articles from September:

  1. USA Today cites data from the Measuring #MeToo: A National Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault report in “It’s Been Two Years Since the Metoo Movement Exploded. Now What?”
  2. Reuters cites data from The State of the World’s Fathers (SOWF) 2019 report in “Just Five Major Companies Offer a Year’s Paid, Equal Parental Leave.” 
  3. The Washington Post covers the opening of the ‘Swedish Dads’ photo exhibit at the Embassy of Sweden, co-hosted by Equimundo, in “What Would Parenting Be Like If Fathers Took Six Months Of Parental Leave? Take A Look.”
  4. Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia shares findings from The Man Box report, and a quote from Equimundo President and CEO Gary Barker in “Why Being A “Real Man” Will Kill You.”
  5. Mashable highlights data from The Man Box report, and quotes Equimundo Vice President of Business Development Tolu Lawrence in “The Self-care Revolution Is Finally Coming To Men.” 
  6. Voice Male Magazine features a guide authored by Equimundo’s Alexa Hassink and Plan International’s Bernice Morquette: 9 Tips for Parents: Raising Sons to Embrace Healthy, Positive Masculinity guide in “Tips For Parents: Raising Sons To Embrace Positive Masculinity.”
  7. Chatelaine cites data from the SOWF 2019 report, and quotes Gary Barker in “Ce Qu’il nous Reste à Accomplir pour un Monde Plus Égalitaire” [in English, “What We Have to Do for a More Equal World”].
  8. Romper cites data from the SOWF 2019 report in “Chance The Rapper Postpones Tour For Paternity Leave & It’s Such A Great Message To Dads.”
  9. The Annapurna Express cites data from the SOWF 2019 report in “Should paternity leave in Nepal be extended?” 
  10. ‘LLERO shares findings from the SOWF 2019 report in “The Politics Of Paternity Leave For Latino Fathers.”
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