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Today, Schengen Peace Foundation and World Peace Forum name Equimundo as a recipient of the Luxembourg Peace Prize in the 2019 Outstanding Peace Organization category, for Equimundo’s efforts and initiatives to promote peace.

For the eighth consecutive year, the Schengen Peace Foundation and the World Peace Forum award the prestigious Luxembourg Peace Prize to outstanding peacemakers and activists in Luxembourg. We at Equimundo are proud to be named among the distinguished peacemakers of 2019, comprised of a diverse mix of activists, educators, leaders, and artists from all corners of the globe across ten categories. The award aims to amplify the goal of the World Peace Forum of promoting peace-building through dialogue, exchange, and concrete actions.

At Equimundo, we envision a world where all people work to create a nonviolent, caring, and gender-equitable future for themselves and for their children. We thank our partners – working in over 55 countries –  who lead the way and collaborate with us to advance gender equality and prevent violence through high-impact research and evaluation, targeted advocacy, and evidence-based educational and community-wide program implementation.

View the full list of 2019 Luxembourg Peace Prize Laureates here.

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