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Beginning November 25, thousands of organizations around the world have come together for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) to advocate and take action. The campaign runs from November 25 to December 10 and aims to raise awareness, strengthen local and national programs, and advocate for government policies to eliminate all forms of GBV.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All,” and we’re participating by sharing how men and boys can help prevent gender-based violence and promote gender equality. Below, check out 16 ways that men and boys can make a difference.

You can:

#1: Speak out. Join campaigns to prevent violence against women like the White Ribbon and Bell Bajao campaigns. Pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about gender-based violence.


#2: Fight for equality. Advocate for women’s right to equal pay for equal work and for workplaces built on respect.


#3: Listen. Elevate the voices of women, and ask how you can be an ally in preventing violence.


#4: Think about it. Take time to challenge your own attitudes about violence, and create your own plan for a better tomorrow.


#5: Get your hands dirty. Share the household chores and responsibilities willingly and equally with your partner. It can improve your relationship and set a lifelong example for your kids.


#6: Support leaders. Champion women in taking on positions at work, in politics and socially that men have traditionally occupied, and support men’s caregiving.


#7: Take leave. Support paid parental leave for both women and men, and take it. When both parents take leave, it supports equality at work and at home.


#8: Support choice. Respect women’s right to make autonomous decisions about her body and sexuality without discrimination.


#9: Decide to care. Form a caring, nonviolent bond with your child, or another child in your life. Be a role model.


#10: Take a stand. Refuse to tolerate or promote any type of sexual harassment, violence, or exploitation of children or adolescents.


#11: Talk it out. Always prioritize dialogue and respect over violence.


#12: Be different. There’s no “one way” to be a man or a woman. Define your own way to have a positive impact.


#13: Celebrate sexual diversity. Challenge sexist and homophobic attitudes and support the right of all people to respect.


#14: Set an example. Let your friends know it’s not okay to talk badly about women or to promote violence.


#15. Educate. Support girls’ and boys’ education equally and help them start learning from an early age about respect and healthy, nonviolent relationships.


#16: Broadcast your support. Advocate for an end to sexist, violence-supportive messages in media and advertising.


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