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Join Equimundo in Washington, DC on May 2, 2019 for an event exploring masculinity, health, and well-being. RSVP here.

In the past year, global and US-specific attention to masculinity – particularly “toxic” or harmful masculine norms – has increased in public dialogue, and for good reason: these norms are linked to young men’s use of violence and harassment, risk-taking behaviors, as well as to detrimental impacts on their own health and well-being. There is a pressing need to further explore how ideas about manhood are formed and enforced, what we mean by “healthy masculinity,” the costs and consequences of harmful masculine norms for young men and those around them, and concrete solutions to create a violence-free, positive, and gender-equitable future for young people of all gender identities.

On Thursday, May 2, join Equimundo, the Center for Research on Men’s Health, Vanderbilt University, and partners to discuss how masculine norms impact men’s health and the well-being of those around them, and to provide concrete guidance for action. We will explore how restrictive ideas about manhood contribute to gender inequality as well as how they are connected to the leading causes of men’s death and illness, namely: poor diet, tobacco use, alcohol use, occupational hazards, unsafe sex, and drug use. In addition to presenting the APA’s recently released guidelines on masculine norms and men’s mental health, we will also present new research on the public health and economic costs of harmful or “toxic” masculinity in the US, UK, and Mexico. This groundbreaking study, led by Equimundo with support from Unilever’s Axe brand, assigns a cost – in billions of dollars – to the impact of harmful, restrictive masculine norms.


  • Gary Barker – President and CEO, Equimundo 
  • Derek Griffith – Founder and Director of the Center for Research on Men’s Health and Professor of Medicine, Health, & Society at Vanderbilt University
  • Wizdom Powell – Director, Health Disparities Institute, University of Connecticut, and President-Elect, Society for the Study of Men and Masculinities (Division 51), American Psychological Association 
  • Randy Palacios – Youth Representative, Partnership for Male Youth Board of Directors


  • David Bell, MD, MPH – Medical Director, The Young Men’s Clinic, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University; The Partnership for Male Youth, Co-founder & Board Chair
  • Sana Chehimi – Director of Policy & Advocacy, Prevention Institute 
  • Michael Reichert – Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives, a research collaborative at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of the new book, “How to Raise a Boy” 
  • Farhoud Meybodi – Co-Owner, Wayfarer Entertainment
  • Dr. Edward Adams – Past President of American Psychological Association (APA) Division 51

The event is presented by Equimundo and the Center for Research on Men’s Health, Vanderbilt University, in partnership with: Partnership for Male Youth (PMY) and Prevention Institute.

RSVP for the event by Tuesday, April 30 here.

The event will be livestreamed here:

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