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Ways for Men to Support Reproductive Justice

The decision by the US Supreme Court on Friday to end a woman’s constitutional protection to seek a safe and legal abortion is an affront to human rights and the fight for essential health services, in the US and everywhere.  It is devastating to those of us who believe in gender equality, in sexual and reproductive health and rights, and in the full humanity of women and girls.  It is the product of years of a right-wing onslaught against the rights of all individuals – women-identified individuals, transgender individuals, individuals of all sexual orientation and gender identity.  It is also a betrayal of democracy.

Where does this ruling leave men who want to be allies for women’s rights? Quite simply, men must speak out together with all women, side by side with those who have led the journey toward equality.  We must honor the women who lead the cause of gender equality and follow their lead by speaking up. By how we vote.  We must make our voices heard along with their voices. We must support activist organizations and health workers who continue to stand on the frontline to ensure access to safe and legal abortions.


Actions for Men to Support Reproductive Justice

  • Donate or volunteer with your local abortion fund, which helps low-income women from all over the US to pay for the procedure. Find out more HERE.
  • As the recent SCOTUS Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision has left abortion access up to the states, this means voting for pro-choice candidates in local and state elections is more important than ever. Find pro-choice candidates HERE.
  • Follow accounts promoting women’s reproductive autonomy over social. Here’s a few accounts to follow:
  • Serve as an abortion escort in your community, or show up with cupcakes, coffee, umbrellas, or even just a nice card and grateful words for the escorts in your community. Find volunteer opportunities HERE.
  • Vote with your money. See this list of the top corporations who have given to anti-abortion activists: Corporate Donor List
  • Learn how to access abortion medication in case someone you know needs it.
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