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The Living Peace Institute (LPI), Equimundo’s affiliate in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), works to promote gender equality, prevent gender-based violence, and restore peaceful family and community relations in post-conflict Congolese society. Through psychosocial support and group education for men and their partners, coupled with community campaigns and outreach, LPI aims to help couples and families rebuild their relationships and to encourage broader social change.

As part of its campaign in North and South Kivu, LPI is using local radio and television broadcasts to disseminate Living Peace’s messages about the importance of gender equality, nonviolence, personal responsibility, sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning, peaceful coexistence, and the healthy expression of emotions.

Radio for Equality and Nonviolence

In 2016, LPI developed 15 radio sketches based on the themes discussed during group sessions, which are at the core of Living Peace programming. In the sketches, Living Peace participants portray various scenarios that show how men can commit to ending violence against women and children and promoting peace and equality in their daily lives.

LPI worked with La Benevolencija on the production of these sketches, and partnered with local radio stations in North and South Kivu to broadcast the sketches on 10 radio stations in the two provinces.

Listen to the 15 sketches in Swahili below:

Sketch 1: Bienvenue (Welcome)

Sketch 2: Nos Problèmes et Nos Expériences (Our Struggles and Experiences)

Sketch 3: Gérer nos Emotions (Managing Our Emotions)

Sketch 4: Discussion Libre (Discussion)

Sketch 5: Violences Sexuelles (Sexual Violences)

Sketch 6: Assumer la Responsabilité (Taking Responsibility)

Sketch 7: Mettre Fin aux Cycles des Violences (Putting an End to Cycles of Violence)

Sketch 8: Relations Respectueuses (Respectful Relationships)

Sketch 9: Des Nouvelles Règles Pour la Famille (New Family Rules)

Sketch 10: Échanges Familiales (Family Exchanges)

Sketch 11: Opportunité Pour le Changement (Opportunity for Change)

Sketch 12: Réseaux de Sécurité (Security Networks)

Sketch 13: Discussion Libre (Discussion)

Sketch 14: Réflexion (Reflection)

Sketch 15: Célébration Communautaire (Community Celebration)

TV for Community Change

This year, LPI has also promoted the Living Peace initiative through television programming on Hope Channel TV in Goma, DRC. In one broadcast, Living Peace facilitators discuss the strategy, methodology, objectives, and target groups involved in the initiative. In another, two Living Peace participants – a civilian and a member of the military – share their experiences of how Living Peace has inspired them to practice and promote equality and nonviolence.

Watch the television broadcasts in Swahili below:

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