This brief provides a description of Program P-Early Childhood Development (ECD): a program designed to promote active, involved parenting; as well as key evaluation findings, implementation challenges, lessons learned, and considerations for future adaptations. 

This brief summarizes the implementation and evaluation of the first pilot of an ECD adaptation of the Program P couple’s intervention, working with parents who have young children, in various sites across Lebanon. 

The evaluation finds that Lebanese and Syrian men are eager to work together with their partners to learn positive parenting techniques, to talk about manhood, emotions, relationships, and violence, and to become more engaged and supportive fathers and husbands. Furthermore, it found a significant decline in use of harsh physical discipline with children, increases in men’s active participation in both housework and caregiving tasks, and increases in communication within the couple about their own and their partner’s concerns and feelings.

The intended audience for this brief is program implementers interested in learning more about designing and implementing programs for fathers and couples that utilize gender-transformative approaches to promoting positive masculinities, involved fatherhood, and gender equality.

Read some of the key findings here.



The Pilot of Program P-ECD in Lebanon: Evaluation Results and Lessons Learned

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