On May 18th, the national day to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Brazil, Equimundo launched the research report Homens, Mulheres e a Exploração Sexual Comercial de Crianças e Adolescentes em quatro cidades brasileiras [“Men, Women and the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in four Brazilian cities,” in English] and officially announced the beginning of the Campaign to Prevent Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents during the World Cup, which will primarily target soccer fans.

In this edition of the Equimundo Newsletter we highlight this topic by including an interview with the National Secretary for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents, Angélica Goulart. In the interview, Angélica Goulart speaks about the department’s work to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and the importance of civil society and government engagement to combat sexual exploitation in the course of major sports events.

This edition also features a piece on the 10 years of the Programs H and M International Seminar, which brought together partners to reflect upon the trajectory and the next steps of the programs as well as the launch of the children’s book “Vento no Rosto,” [“Wind in the Face” in English]; the main topic of which is the prevention of physical and degrading punishments of children.

In the article “Gender and sexuality activities in schools: facing challenges and setbacks,” Danielle Bittencourt, Equimundo’s Project Coordinator, discusses the challenges that the State Management Group of the Health and Prevention in Schools Program (GGE-RJ/SPE) has encountered in the process of implementing sexuality initiatives in schools.

Finally, we present the consultancy work that Equimundo is conducting in South Sudan on the prevention of sexual exploitation and invite you to watch the film “Steven’s story,” a moving narrative on fatherhood, which is part of the Global Fatherhood Campaign MenCare.

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Equimundo News – 6th Edition

PDF Preview


Equimundo News – 6th Edition

PDF Preview
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