This resource for adapting and replicating the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) was developed by Promundo-US drawing from the Toolkit for Replicating the UN Multi-Country Study on Men and Violence: Understanding Why Some Men Use Violence Against Women and How We Can Prevent It developed by the Partners for Prevention (P4P) joint program.

The manual provides a step-by-step guide to prepare for, conduct, and disseminate quantitative findings from IMAGES in different contexts. It aims to serve both as a comprehensive guide that describes the primary steps in replicating the quantitative component of an IMAGES study and a collection of questionnaires, forms, and other resources that may be needed while replicating the survey. The IMAGES manual synthesizes lessons learned by IMAGES teams globally to make the process of replicating IMAGES as efficient, effective, and ethical as possible for local research leaders around the world.

The goal of this manual is to help foster a standard of rigorous and ethical research to expand the evidence base on people’s attitudes and practices related to gender while informing long-term efforts to promote gender equality and violence prevention.



Manual for Replicating the International Men and Gender Equality Survey

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