Men in Serbia: Changes, Resistance and Challenges addresses key issues in the field of men and gender equality, including partner relations, the dynamics of family relationships, and key health and gender-related attitudes and behaviors of men. This report provides survey findings using the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) methodology which was developed by Equimundo and International Center for Research on Women. The quantitative research was carried out on a nationally representative sample of 1060 men and 540 women, 18-60 years old, in Serbia. The qualitative component of the research included 3 focus groups and 15 individual in-depth interviews with different groups of participants.

This IMAGES Serbia study seeks a deeper understanding of the gendered attitudes and behaviors of men in Serbia. The long-term isolation of Serbian society and its resistance to “modernization” are reflected in the highly traditional understanding of masculinity held by many men in Serbia. The study examines the connections between masculine norms and violent practices, and its findings seek to guide governmental and nongovernmental actors in the creation of policies that address gender equality and the prevention of violence.



Men in Serbia: Changes, Resistance and Challenges

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