In 2011, Equimundo worked toward its mission to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women and children. Equimundo was recognized as an organization that is making a great impact in the field of preventing violence against women, occupying the seventh position in a ranking of 14 outstanding organizations worldwide.

The MenCare Global Fatherhood Campaign, coordinated by Equimundo and the Sonke Gender Justice Network, was launched in Washington, DC and South Africa to engage men in care work and fatherhood. The implementation of Programs H and M was widespread in Brazil and other countries. Equimundo also created a new head of operations in Africa, aimed at women’s economic empowerment. In Brazil, a portal on gender equity and a virtual learning environment were launched, aiming to train education professionals. Internationally, Equimundo developed and issued technical advice to organizations working to engage men in gender equity.

The Research and Evaluation team conducted analyses, and systematized and evaluated the impact of projects related to the theme: gender, masculinity, homophobia, violence against women, and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.



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