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Welcome to “Equimundo in the Press,” a monthly recap of media that mention Equimundo or MenCare, the global fatherhood campaign that Equimundo co-coordinates. We know that in order to create a truly equal, nonviolent world in which men and boys are allies in the fight for gender justice, we need to spread the word. Here are the top 10 featured articles from January:

  1. Peace Insight features an article on Program H in Lebanon by Equimundo’s Jane Kato-Wallace and Nina Ford titled “Changing Male Attitudes in the Middle East and the World: What Does It Take?”
  2. BBC News interviews Equimundo’s Gary Barker on the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos in “The Millionaires’ Club With Too Few Women.”
  3. Big Think highlights Equimundo’s work in “Experts at Davos: ‘It is in men’s interest to embrace gender equality.’”
  4. Beiruting covers the launch of the Equimundo’s IMAGES MENA Lebanon country report in “Unveiling the Key Findings of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES MENA) – Lebanon & Al Mafroud Documentary.”
  5. LSE Middle East Centre’s podcast channel interviews Equimundo Senior Fellow Shereen El Feki on IMAGES MENA in “Shadow of a Man? Understanding Masculinities in the MENA.”
  6. In Medium, an article analyzing men’s social justice activism in the Trump era cites Equimundo’s Gary Barker in “Where do we go from here?”
  7. Shift Balance launches a feminist visual guide book for millennials that highlights Equimundo’s and MenCare’s work, titled “Balance the World!”
  8. World Economic Forum shares the recording of the panel featuring Equimundo’s Gary Barker, “How Do We Stop Sexual Harassment?”
  9. Organization of American States shares the recording of the panel featuring Equimundo’s Giovanna Lauro, “Exchange of Findings on Child Marriage and Early Union in the Americas.”
  10. The Communication Initiative Network highlights Equimundo’s work on social norms and sexual exploitation in “Learning Initiative on Norms, Exploitation and Abuse Webinar Series.”
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