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Welcome to “Equimundo in the Press,” a monthly recap of media that mention Equimundo or MenCare, the global fatherhood campaign that Equimundo co-coordinates. We know that in order to create a truly equal, nonviolent world in which men and boys are allies in the fight for gender justice, we need to spread the word. Here are the top 10 featured articles from October:

  1. Mashable features an interview with Equimundo President and CEO Gary Barker on the #MeToo movement in “5 Crucial Ways Men Can Help End Sexual Assault.”
  2. Reuters cites Equimundo’s International Men and Gender Equality Survey – Middle East and North Africa (IMAGES MENA) in “Educated But Not at Work: Lack of Women in Middle East Workforce Hinders Growth.”
  3. UNICEF features a blog by Equimundo’s Kristina Vlahovicova titled “La Participación de los Hombres Latinoamericanos en la Crianza de sus Hijos e Hijas: Situación Actual, Problemáticas y Recomendaciones” (in English: “The Participation of Latin American Men in Raising Their Sons and Daughters: Current Situation, Problems, and Recommendations”).
  4. LS:N Global quotes Equimundo’s Jane Kato-Wallace on gender socialization in “Climate Change Is Real and a Women’s Rights Issue.”
  5. Egyptian Streets cites Equimundo’s IMAGES MENA in “#MeToo: Egypt Joins The Global Trend To Speak Up About Sexual Abuse.”
  6. Daily Mail highlights Equimundo’s The Man Box research in “The Myth of Masculinity.”
  7. The Daily Californian features an op-ed piece citing Equimundo’s State of the World’s Fathers report, a MenCare publication, in “My Motherhood, My Business.”
  8. The Local covers the launch of the MenCare campaign in Switzerland in “Men’s Group Campaigns for Swiss Fathers to Play Larger Role in Childcare.”
  9. ODI interviews Equimundo Senior Fellow Nikki van der Gaag and highlights Equimundo’s work in “Podcast: Transforming the World for Girls” (Episode 1, 10:00 – 13:35).
  10. Rantt covers the gender pay gay, highlighting Equimundo’s State of the World’s Fathers report in “The Gender Pay Gap Begins At Home.”
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