Program P-Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a gender-transformative, evidence-based program designed to engage men and their partners as non-violent and nurturing parents  for children ages 0-3 through parenting group education.


Evidence shows that supportive caregivers  – including fathers – that provide responsive care to children’s needs during early childhood are critical for healthy comprehensive development, improve the quality of family relationships and prevent violence and can mitigate, and even reverse the damaging effects of a stress response to conflict.

Program P-ECD uses a gender-transformative approach, meaning that it seeks to challenge and transform restrictive and harmful gender norms that often influence parental interaction with children.  Program P-ECD was first developed and piloted in Lebanon, in partnership with ABAAD, Women and Girls Safe Spaces, and the MenEngage Alliance Lebanon Network. The pilot found a significant decline in the use of harsh physical discipline with children, increases in men’s active participation in both domestic and caregiving work, and improved communication within the couple about their own and their partner’s concerns and feelings.

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