Program P provides concrete strategies and activities, based on evidence and a decade of adaptations in different settings, to engage men with their female partners in caring, equitable and non-violent fatherhood from their partner’s pregnancies through their children’s early years.


Program P is named after padre and pai, the words for father in Spanish and Portuguese. Part of the MenCare Campaign, Program P is a direct and targeted response to the need for concrete strategies to engage men in active fatherhood from prenatal care through delivery, childbirth, and their children’s early years.

Developed in partnership with Instituto Equimundo, Puntos de Encuentro in Nicaragua, CulturaSalud in Chile, and the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the program has three components: (1) offering information and tools for health care providers, (2) providing structured methodologies to facilitate group based activities for fathers and couples, and (3) providing guidance for designing community campaigns. By targeting men, through the health, early childhood, social protection, workplace or other community spaces.  , Program P engages fathers and their partners at a critical moment – during their partner’s pregnancies or their children’s early years – when they are likely to be more open to adopting new caregiving and equitable behaviors.

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